Bomb Iran: How a NZ radio station
Rocked Iran

Leaked footage of the Psy Ops event followed by 30s Viral clip/TV spot »


Radio Hauraki had grown old, we needed to re-capture the revolutionary spirit of New Zealand's original pirate rock station. In 2005, the President of Iran, banned all Western music from state run airwaves. Rock music is deemed contrary to the Islamic republics strict moral code. In December 2010 we released footage of a US Psy Ops expedition conducted in Iran.

We made it look like US forces had dropped amps, guitars, drums etc to the Iranian rock underground. We created an online identity called Vidileaks and shared the film. A 30second viral clip then revealed it was Radio Hauraki who masterminded the plot, reminding the public of Radio Hauraki's rebellious Pirate radio origins. View the Vidileaks website.

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