Please watch the case study video:


The Problem:

New Zealand has one of the highest death rates from Bowel Cancer in the developed world. It kills as many Kiwis every year as Breast and Prostate Cancer combined and yet, half of all New Zealanders are not aware of the symptoms of Bowel Cancer.

The Idea:

We wanted to remind New Zealanders that our bums are unpredictable. We created Fartbomb. A website enabling people to add fart sounds to any YouTube videos. They could then share their creations. Each video ended with our message, helping us spread the word about Bowel Cancer on social media.

Step 1:
Load any video on the Fartbomb Generator.

Step 2:
Add farts from our range of butt trumpets.

Step 3:
Share and raise awareness of Bowel Cancer.

The Results:
In two months, test kits sales increased by over 650%.

People made their own Fartbombs and shared them with their friends.

And the campaign quickly made some noise.